Better Than a Little Paper Umbrella

The Winnipeg Free Press says virtual reality beverages are the latest hospitality-industry craze. For instance, the Baptiste & Bottle bar in the Conrad Chicago Hotel serves "Macallan Rare Journey", a $95(!) drink served with virtual reality goggles that take you on a distillery tour. 

One Aldwych in London offers "The Origin" at a much more affordable $23. "Before taking their first sip, customers watch a two-minute VR video in which they fly over the Scottish Highlands, down to London and finally into Covent Garden. At the exact moment when customers enter the virtual version of the Lobby Bar, a bartender brings their cocktail."

The next time you're in the mood for Turkish food, bring along your own virtual reality goggles and check out Matterport friend Ahmet Temizelliler's stunning tour of the Bursa Ulucami!