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Hi Isabel - many thanks for the mention and your kind words. Ismael and Julia French did a fantastic job of organising the show and getting a lot of smart contributors, sponsors and people there. Next year's will have a lot to live up to!

Isabel, thank you for the reference. You're exactly right. It's much, much more than collaboration or social elements...

For us I would agree 110%. Our integration with Salesforce.com for example is in fact 100% about accountability - letting supervisors see, even from within their current CRM system, the status of revenue contracts of their whole team.

Great summary of office 2.0 and the conference. As we look to invest in companies that are building real business office and web 2.0 business models, we want to see more than just collabortaion. We want to see accountability and business value add that are created from the functionality that office 2.0 will offer. At our blog at http://www.longworthblog.com/longworth_blog/, we are grappling with these notions to let others us what we are thinking and what interests us.

thanks for the mention isabel... and glad to hear gary was able to convince you that the visual tracking is an audit trail that works for both parties :)

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