Photo by Paolo Tosolini!

Photo by Paolo Tosolini!

Matterport Pro2 + Insta360!

Matterport Pro2 + Insta360!

Look! I made this scarf :)

Look! I made this scarf :)


I'm Isabel and I work at Metroplex360. We are Matterport Service Providers and Google Street VIew Photographers.

Wait, what? We make 3D tours of both mundane and extraordinary spaces, so as to transport you right into these places through any screen - or virtual reality goggles! Have you tried the Oculus Go?

Our 3D tours allow you to enjoy faraway art exhibits in your pajamas, experience unfamiliar businesses' ambiance before leaving home, or scope out every corner of for-sale homes and rental spaces before making a commitment. 

Since 2015, our Matterport 3D cameras have covered many million square feet of ground. This year, we've added the Leica BLK360 laser scanner to our arsenal, the better to capture outdoor as well as interior spaces.


I've worn many other hats (and herded many cats) before my 3D scanning days, such as...

  • Realtor at Windermere Mount Baker (Ninja Installation graduate!)

  • Graphic Designer

  • VP Communications at Everyones Internet (Ride the New Wave...)

  • Editor & Publisher of Web Hosting Magazine/Producer of Web Hosting Expo

  • Financial Analyst at Jones Lang LaSalle

  • Worst Student Ever at MIT

If you've landed here because our lives intersected at one of these points, my current contact info is: | 682-800-5360